Books on Adoption

 Tell me again about the night I was born

Jamie Lee Curtis

A delightfully illustrated American story about a couple who fly to fetch their baby when they hear the baby is born and their first times as a family. It is funny and touching with fabulous pictures. It is written by the actress Jamie Lee Curtis who adopted both her children.

The Day We Met You

Phoebe Koehler

An American picture story about a couple who prepare to bring home their baby. A lovely story about adoption but I’m not keen on the illustrations.

A Koala for Katie An Adoption Story

Jonathan London

An Australian picture story about Katie who adopts a koala bear toy. Katie was adopted and enjoys the opportunity to “adopt” the toy when the family go to the zoo.

Over the Moon An Adoption Tale

Karen Katz

A beautifully illustrated American story about a couple who go to Central America to adopt. The illustrations and the story have elements of magic realism.

We are adopted

Jennifer Moore Mallinos

An American story told from the perspective of a little girl about her new baby brother. Both children were adopted from Russia. One of the “What do we know about?” series that encourages children to explore their feelings about different issues.

I Choose You

Deborah Ripoli Greulich

An American picture story told from the perspective of a baby who chooses her parents and her birth mother before she is born. It is a delightful take on adoption.

Picnic in the Park

Joe Griffiths and Tony Pilgrim

A British Association for Adoption & Fostering publication. Not overtly about adoption but rather about all the different kinds of families there are including families where children were adopted and fostered. A bit confusing with so many people but a charming picture book nonetheless.

The Greatest Gift

Terri Lailvaux

A self-published South African story of a couple who adopt a little boy. The characters are all animals.

We Belong Together A Book About Adoption and Families

Todd Parr

A brightly illustrated American story aimed at young children about what it means for a family to belong together. It is a nice book to read at bedtime with preschoolers.

A blessing from above

Patti Henderson

A sweet simple story involving a Mother Roo and a Baby Blue Bird – not too specific so can apply to most adoption situations.

I wished for you: an adoption story

Marianne Richmond

Beautiful book with great illustrations. Fairly long so will suit age 4 and up (possibly 3) – child bear asks adoptive mother to tell the story of his life and he asks questions – her warm and loving answers leave one in no doubt about his being wanted and so loved. He also asks why he looks different to her. Great book.

Is that your sister? A true story about adoption

Catherine and Sherry Bruin

Written by two adopted children

My family, My Journey: A Baby Book for Adoptive Families

Zoe Francesca

And Tango Makes Three

Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell


Motherbridge of Love

Motherbridge of Love is a lovely adoption book that is primarily about Chinese adoptions, but is a beautiful work with a text that speaks about the love within any adoptive parent and child relationship. The text is the words of an anonymous poem written by an adoptive mother for the charity, Mother Bridge of Love (MBL).

The poem speaks of the gifts the adopted child receives from each of her two mothers – birth mother and adoptive mother. It tells of the two different types of love the birth mother and adoptive mother have for the child, and how the child doesn’t have to choose between the two mothers or cultures, they both make up a piece of who she is becoming as a person.



Star of the Week: A Story of Love, Adoption, and Brownies with Sprinkles

by Darlene Friedman, Roger Roth (Illustrator)

It’s Cassidy—Li’s turn to be Star of the Week at school! So she’s making brownies and collecting photos for her poster. She has pictures of all the important people in her life—with one big exception. Cassidy—Li, adopted from China when she was a baby, doesn’t have a photo of her birthparents. But with a little help from her family, she comes up with the perfect way to include them!

Using their own family’s story as a model, Darlene Friedman and Roger Roth celebrate the love of families everywhere through this straightforward and insightful book

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