Cape Town Adoption Support

Jean Luyt

Jean Luyt

Cape Town Adoption Support is run by Jean Luyt.

I am contactable on 082 872 0192 or

I am a clinical psychologist and adoptive mother who is passionate about the need for children to be raised in families.  I am excited by the possibilities adoption offers to create stable families for vulnerable children in South Africa.

I aim to demystify the process of adoption, so that those who are considering adopting, can make the decision to adopt with all the necessary information and support.

Parenting an adopted child requires expert parenting, and the ability to anticipate the needs of the child in relation to their adoption.  I have been working with adoptive parents for many years, supporting them to grow their parenting skills and increase their awareness of the complexities of raising an adopted child, particularly a transracially adopted child.

I also work with adoptees, both within their families and individually.

One of the biggest challenges to adoptive families and adoptees is feeling isolated and misunderstood.  Finding spaces to share experiences with other adoptive families and other adoptees is the most appropriate and effective way to support people affected by adoption.  Groups, whether social or therapeutic, offer opportunities to develop the strength of adoptive families and to face the day-to-day challenges in our personal relationships and in parenting our children.


Services offered

Jean Luyt

Jean Luyt

Cape Town Adoption Support (CTAS) aims to offer support to the adoption community of Cape Town in a range of ways, including sharing information about adoption, supporting adoptive families psychologically, increasing the awareness of the public about adoption and networking with relevant stakeholders to collaborate on important campaigns including lobbying and research.





Therapeutic services:

  • Individual therapy for adult adoptees.
  • Individual or couple therapy for adults considering adoption or parenting adopted children.
  • Family therapy for adoptive families struggling with emotional or behavioural difficulties of their children.  Family therapy is based on a developmental approach, in which challenges are understood within the developmental stages and tasks of the child in the family.  It aims to reduce pathologising the child, focussing rather or supporting the family to help the child achieve the next life task.
  • Group therapy for potential adoptive parents.  This is a slow open group to facilitate an exploration of the issues that impact on their decision to adopt in a supportive environment.  We deal with getting both partners on the same page, dealiing with extended family, considering which social worker or agency is most appropriate to your needs, what to expect from the screening process and managing the anxiety of waiting.
  • Group therapy for those parenting adopted children.  The groups aimed at adults who have adopted children focus on parenting adopted children, maintaining good relationships with their spouses and managing interactions with the public.  We deal with talking to your child about adoption, celebrating important adoption events, dealing with sibling issues, managing interactions with inquisitive public and dealing with racism.
  • Group therapy for adult adoptees.  This slow open group, aims to explore issues surrounding being adopted and how this impacts on your relationships, your identity.  We try to understand relationships with adoptive families to increase honest communication and getting the support that you need. We support those looking for biological families and navigating these relationships.
  • Group therapy for adolescent adoptees.  This closed group aims to support adopted teens at a time when identity issues raise the adoption-related issues anew.  We explore relationship with adoptive parents and siblings, dealing with questions from others and exploring your own identity.

Online services:

Cape Town Adoption Support Facebook page, blog and Twitter account @CTAdoptSupport

For support, join the online Facebook support group “Passionate about Adoption” where people support each other online.  This is a closed group for adoptive parents or adult adoptees. Moderators monitor the discussions to facilitate wide discussion and restrict inappropriate or offensive content.

Contact details

1180 baby sisterI am based at the Newlands Therapy Centre in Newlands, Cape Town and charge R1000 per session for family and couple therapy, R950 for individual therapy and R300 per person for group therapy.  This can be claimed from medical aid, in you have medical aid – depending on your plan and benefits for the year.

Information about the groups or to make a booking contact Jean Luyt.

Telephone:         082 872 0192



39 comments on “Cape Town Adoption Support

  1. margret says:

    hie, my Husband and I moved from Zimbabwe last year with our little boy who is two and a half years old. We stay in Stellenridge. We have always wanted to adopt a child because of the love we have for kids and to make a difference in the world. How easy is it for foreigners to adopt a local. We have all the paper work to live and work in SA,

  2. Anonymous says:

    As far as I know, you will need “Permanent residence” to be able to adopt in South Africa as a foreigner. However I am not completely up-to-date regarding the new Child care Act. I recommend to contact Child Welfare or Social Workers in Private Practice to get more Information. Try
    All the best:-)!

    • celeste samsodien says:

      I am not sure who will read this or if I am doing this even on the right site. I am 11 weeks pregnant and planning on having an abortion next week Wed 9 April 2012.

      THe reason for this is cause I am in an abusive relationship, have two young boys to take care of and can’t leave him if I have another baby to take care of. I am willing to give the baby to a good family, (as I am feeling guilty about the abortion) but the problem is I am not working and live with the boys father. Is there anyone with a solution? My number is 074 216 2542. I am doing this as a last attempt to save this baby inside me, I believe God will find the parents who can assist me and my boys, if it’s meant to be.

      May God bless all of you and I hope you all find a child to love, cause if it wasn’t for my two boys, I wouldn’t have a reason to even try.

  3. anonymous says:

    I am a 28 year old girl who doesn’t work but still job hunting! Things are a bit harsh for me at home and I already have a four year old girl. I just found out I’m pregnant and the fathers baby doesn’t want the child! My parents don’t know I am yet but they told me last if I get pregnant I’d have to move out!
    I honestly want a better life for my child and I’m a thousand kilos from Cape Town,in Lesotho but I am a South African Citizen so wanted to ask about procedures I could follow.
    Would love to get your answer as soon as I can!

  4. Gail Lewis says:

    Hi,I’m currently 5months pregnant and would like to give her up for adoption. I lost my job,my home and have no financial support. If you could help me with getting a place to stay and hopefully a job it would help me on the road ahead providing for my other two kids. I would like an open adoption. Please contact me asap cos I only have this place for this month and no family to turn to. Contact me via email @

  5. Mags says:

    Hi please assist with your contact details please.,

  6. Monika Hollemann says:

    Hi, I gave birth to a baby boy on 16.03.1986 at Tygerberg Hospital. He was taken away at birth and adopted about 2 weeks later. I was told that he was named Heinrich (in hospital).
    I live in Germany now and have realised that I cannot run away or ignore the pain of not knowing if he is ok, any longer.
    Could you please please tell me where I could start searching for him.
    Monika Hollemann

    • Hi Monika, You need to contact the agency who placed the baby with the adoptive parents. Do you know which agency you worked through? Otherwise contact any adoption agency to see if the post adoption social worker can assist. Check the list of resources for contact details.

  7. Cara says:

    I am interested in adopting a little baby or toddler girl. Please whats app or sms me on 083 415 4380. Adoption will be done via social workers. Willing to consider open adoption.

  8. Id love to make contact with the first author above who started with “I’m a clinical psychologist and adoptive mother”……….as we have some challenges with our 2 daughters we adopted 9 years ago from Lesotho. Our cell number is 0836581917 and email

  9. winnefred says:

    Hi I would just like to comment by saying that adoption can be good if that baby that’s being adoped knows that he or she is adoped…my best friend found out five months ago that she was adoped when she was 2 weeks old and she turned 25yrs old the 25/02/2013 she was told by someone that hates her guts that her mother she has known all her life is not her real mom…my friend turned to drugs and she feels that her whole life is a lie she has a 4yr old daughter..and she is pushing away her adoped parents for not telling her the truth…and she just wants to know who her real mother is …if anyone reading this can help plzz do…I’m a concerned friend that loves and cares

  10. Terrence says:

    Hi all, I am adopted and my birth mother recently made contact with me after 24 years. It has been the most unpleasant experience as I feel like she wants me back. It has got to the point where I avoid every bit of contact with her after telling her numerous times that I am not her son and that I have a family already. I’ve had to be rude to her to push her away but she keeps coming back. Is anyone else experiencing this? does anyone have any advice?

  11. Faiza says:

    I’m a married muslim woman, interested in adoption with my husband, I’m unable to conceive due to health reasons but dnt want to divulge publicly the real health issue, I would appreciate it if you can advise us on certain aspects with regards to adoption. Thanks. Faiza

  12. sherwon says:

    Hello,I’m Sherwon 36y.o ,coloured female.I would love adopt a baby,my clock is ticking +i need to love+give my wh someone other than myself,I need more info,or contact me 0799368844 please.

  13. Chelsea rose benjamin says:

    Hi I am 16 years old my partner is 18 we love kids and so does our family my partner is a auto machanic i am leavening school and have the chance to work with children with needs and speech and language difficulties i have always wanted to work with children and i will do everything i can my partner supports me in every way we are looking to adopt but we are on Saint Helena island in the south Atlantic we don’t have an adoption agency here we are really hopping to adopt from someone please can someone give me some advice thanks

    • If you want to adopt a child, you will have to contact an accredited social worker or adoption agency to do this. Please check the list of resources on this blog to find an agency or social worker near you. There is a screening process to go through as well.

  14. if you would like to place a baby for adoption, I recommend you contact a reputable social worker or agency. Please check the list of resources for one near where you live.

  15. If you want to adopt a child, you need to contact an accredited social worker or adoption agency to do this. Please check the list of resources on this blog to find an agency or social worker near you.

  16. janine williams says:

    Good day, we are married 6 years with infertility problem we want to adopt a child preferably new born – 1 year I’m from Cape Town

  17. Maymoona Sha says:

    Good evening to u. Do you also assist people in aadoption of children? My husband and I are professional people and are interested in adopting a little girl 3-5years old please. Please contact me if this is possible with your organization.
    Warm regards Maymoona

    • Hi Maamoona, you need to make contact with an adoption social worker in your area. They will need to screen you and then put you on the Register of Adoptable children and Adoptive parents (RACAP) list. Let me know if you need help finding an adoption agency in your area.

  18. Anon says:

    Hi i am pregnant with my 3rd child. I was raped and fell pregnant i CANNOT keep the baby due to financial and emotional reasons. Im looking for advice on how to find adoptive parent profiles. I would like to make sure the baby goes to a loving home, loving people who i know will look after him/her to the best of their ability. Any info on the subject will be a huge help. Thank you.

  19. Portia says:


    My husband and I are married for a year but we’ve been together for 14 years. We had ourselves checked out before our wedding. My husband was found to be healthy,I on the other hand had to have cysts removed from my ovaries. After that was done, the gynae couldnt find any reason for me not to fall pregnant. He did however suggest I go for 2 or 3 sessions of fertility treatments because according to him I needed a “boost”.

    My husband and I have decided to rather adopt. We’ve prefer adopting a newborn baby. This decision was not taken lightly. I had to work through mixed emotion, 1 day I was up and the next I was down.
    We feel that we’ve been together so long and that it’s not important to us how we get the baby, naturally (falling pregnant) or by adoption. We just have SO much love to give a child and raising one together would mean the world to us.
    Could you please supply us with more information on the process, as well as the fees?

    Warmest Regards,


  20. Eleanor messina says:

    I cant concieve children ..where can i go for adoption ..iam 36 yers old got a good job and willing too care for the child like its my own ..want too make my own chlid .i love kids very much iam from mosselbaai and a colord lady

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